What Is A Virtual Power Plant?

A Virtual Powerplant (VPP for short) is connecting multiple energy generating and storing assets like solar systems and solar battery systems via the internet to aggregate their capabilities leveraging their power when it is needed. 

When you join a virtual power plant, you will be one battery in a large group of people with their batteries connected. 

Then, when the grid needs extra power or their is an energy event that means you can make more money from your stored energy, the VPP will “discharge” and you will be rewarded for the energy you send back, supporting the grid and helping out everyone in your community. 

Think of it like this, when you have solar and a battery system you are your very own miniature powerplant. You make your own energy from your solar, use it when you can and store the rest in your battery. 

So when we can remotely connected many of you via the internet at scale you have yourself a very large and very capable energy generating, storing and discharging powerplant.