Take The Power Back

Australia's home of The Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

VPP helps you monitor, manage and monetise the energy you generate and store giving you the ability to Take The Power Back.

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What VPP Will Do for You

Historical Data

Access historical data about your system at your fingertips anytime.

Bring Everything Together

Sick of multiple apps? Data everywhere? Bring everything together in one place.

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Have You An Idea?

We want to hear it! We don't know everything. Tell us what you think and we will listen.

Online Support

Need help? Submit a ticket and the team will be in touch within 24 hours.

Easy Sign Up And Connection

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Sign up in 2 minutes and the team will instantly begin commissioning your battery.

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Once your battery is connected, get access to the app and have everything at your fingertips!

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How It Works

Connecting your system to the VPP App is simple. 

The App

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Happy Clients,
Great Reviews

Read some of the feedback form VPP App users (spoiler alert, they love it).


Being able to see what is happening at a glance has been just amazing. I can just grab my phone and check in 10 seconds.

Alec Nielsen

Sending back so much solar to the grid and not really knowing what to do about it was frustrating. VPP changed all of that and now I am in control.

Lillian Miles

As much as I love data, the other Apps are just so busy and messy. The VPP App gives me that data I want, when I need it, easily. 

Kieran Nevins